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Pro Choice Leaders


Angela A., Alabama Leader

I am pro choice because I know what it feels like to make the difficult decision to have an abortion, and then walk into a clinic and be yelled at, harassed, and humiliated. I know how it feels to make the decision to have your fallopian tubes removed because it would be easier than being raped again and getting pregnant, but unable to get an abortion due to a location change. I understand the long-term impact on a woman when her choices are taken away, and she is treated as less than a man. It is dehumanizing, and it has to stop. This is why I am pro choice.


Kayla, Alaska Leader

I am pro-choice because every single person deserves reproductive health protections and a say over their body. No one knows what the best decision for their own body is more than themselves, we all deserve bodily autonomy and choice. Limiting abortion access does not lower the amount of abortions that occur, it only lowers the rate of safe and legal abortions. Reproductive rights need to remain safe and accessible for all. 

Kenia, Alaska Leader

I am Pro-Choice because I firmly believe in a person's right to body automony and their right to choose. I support reproductive justice and believe reproductive justice is economic justice. Abortion care is Healthcare and no one should come between a person's Healthcare decisions.


Melissa W., Arizona Leader

I'm pro-choice because we all deserve to have a choice and the final say when it comes to what happens with our bodies. Just because I may not make that choice doesn't mean others shouldn't be able to.



@Terminalpfcbakes, California Leader

There is not enough space in a uterus for a pregnancy and legislation. I am pro- choice because every body has a right to comprehensive sex education, accessible reproductive healthcare, and body autonomy.  

Shayna L., California Leader

I'm Pro Choice because every person deserves the basic human right to bodily autonomy. I won't ever stop advocating until we get that.

Jenna, Fresno California Leader

Not one person is walking the same one pair of shoes as another. Having compassion for one another and recognizing we’re doing the best for ourselves in a given situation is what makes me pro-choice. I believe everyone has a right to their body and the decisions they make with it are not for debate.


Abbi R., Colorado Leader

am pro-choice because I believe all uterus-bearing people deserve to get any healthcare they need without shame, unnecessary restrictions or outside interference. I have sat in ERs and had doctors interrogate me for miscarriages and abnormal bleeding. I have been harassed by “pro-lifers” while walking into abortion consultations for pregnancies I desperately wanted to keep. I know what it's like to face impossible decisions about reproductive health and will never stop fighting for bodily autonomy and abortion rights. 

Nicole, Colorado Leader

I believe every woman should have a choice and when making that choice no matter what be able to access safe and affordable health care. 



Melissa B., Delaware Leader

I am ProChoice because my body is MINE. I believe that all women have the right to safe and legal reproductive care. We all need to stand up for these rights together regardless of your political stance. 


Sarah, Florida Leader

I am pro choice because I believe that reproductive rights are basic human rights and they should not be legislated or litigated. I will never stop fighting for basic human rights and equality.


Marenda B., Georgia Leader

I've been pro-choice for as long as I can remember for a lot of reasons, but the main one being that I have no right or desire to control another person's body.

Sydney E., Georgia Leader

First and foremost, I am pro choice because Women have a right to choose what they can and can’t do with their own body. Women should not have to face the consequences of something she did not do alone. Women should be able to what’s best for themselves and have access to safe and legal abortions. 



Christena M, Idaho Leader

I believe that all women should have the right to make decisions for their own bodies. Their body, their choice. 


Naomi C., Illinois Leader

I refuse to live in a world where we do not have autonomy over our own bodies.


Liza J., Indiana Leader

I will always fight for a woman’s right to make choices and have control of her own body. Down with the patriarchy! It is time for the men to stand down and let us take it from here.





Savannah T., Louisiana State Director

I am pro-choice because I’m pro-women, pro-equality and pro-LGBTQ+. We are more than wombs, we are people who deserve fundamental rights. We may be living in a society built by the patriarchy, but it’s future is female, colorful, and very progressive. And I will never stop fighting for that future.




Amy C., Massachusetts Leader

I’m pro-choice because I don’t think anyone should tell another person what they can or can’t do with their own body. A woman’s body autonomy should not be up for debate, especially within the government.


Kathryn W., Michigan Leader

I am Pro-Choice because I believe that everyone has the right to give, deny and withdraw consent for their body for any reason, at any time. Abortion bans don’t stop abortions, they only cause needless death of women through un-safe abortions.

Alexandria G., Michigan Leader

I am pro choice because women or anyone with a uterus has a right to have access to abortions. There are many situations in which those people could die if they take a pregnancy to term.







Jaqueline W.

I am pro choice because every woman has the right to choose how the path of her life should be and how it should go, every woman has the right to decide if she wants to be a mother or not. Making abortions illegal only prevents safe abortions. We should be moving forward not backwards when it comes to women’s reproduction rights.

New Hampshire

Karen H. Esq., New Hampshire Leader

I’m pro-choice because every woman deserves the ability to make gut wrenching decisions about their body with dignity and respect.

New Jersey

Gabby L., New Jersey Leader

I am Pro-Choice because women deserve a right to control what happens with their own body. After years and years of being oppressed, it’s something women no longer deserve and being Pro-Choice (and an advocate for it) is the least I can do to help this fight.

Deirdre M., New Jersey Leader

I am a 50 year old mother of a 26 year old son and a 21 year old daughter.   It is so upsetting to me that women’s rights, reproductive especially, are even an issue. Why are we trying to control women’s bodies? The fight needs to be fought for my sisters, my friends, my daughter and women everywhere who have the right to make their own decisions!! 

New Mexico

New York

Nadya O., New York Leader

Maria A., New York Leader 

I’m Pro - Choice because not only have I been in a position where my choice wasn’t supported and had to fight for the right to do it but because I believe in women having full control of our bodies and whatever choices we decide to make with them. I also believe profoundly in the ruling in Roe Vs Wade and want to work hard to keep that ruling in action.

Britany G., New York Leader

I am pro choice because I believe that everyone has the right to choose themselves and do what’s best for them. Every women has the right to decide what happens in her body and no governing body has the right to infringe upon that right.

Andrea L., New York Leader

I believe in full bodily autonomy, I believe no woman should be kept from her reproductive rights. The over turn of Roe v. Wade will not stop abortion, it will stop safe abortions. Reinforce the federal FACE Act on a state level, state to state, ensuring further states do not follow suit. I also ask our legislators and state leaders to offer asylum to any woman facing restrictions on her reproductive rights and safety to any of those facing a ‘bounty’ for exercising said rights.

North Carolina

North Dakota


Josie E., Ohio State Director

I’m pro choice because every person, regardless of where you come from, what you make, or your gender, you deserve access to safe reproductive healthcare. I want every person who was in my position to know they are not alone, end someone is there for them.




Allegra, Pennsylvania Leader

I’m pro-choice because I believe it is every person’s right to protect and decide their bodily autonomy, free of government interaction or control. I believe that access to reproductive health care is essential for the life of anyone with a uterus, and no religion or policy should dictate that.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Brittany M., South Carolina Leader

I have been a sexual health educator for the past five years and I’m now in grad school to become a licensed therapist specializing in sex therapy and working with survivors of sexual assault. I believe every person with a uterus should have access to safe abortions because they truly are healthcare, and the government should not be forcing birth on individuals.

Summer P., South Carolina Leader

I hold a degree in Political Science and have always been a staunch supporter of women’s rights! I’ve worked for several Democrats in our state and strongly believe that legislation has NO place on a woman’s body.

South Dakota


Amber W., Tennessee Leader

I’m Pro-Choice because someone I know and love will one day need a choice. I believe in equality and empowerment of ALL women! Together we stand United ❤️


Ambrieyelle G., Texas Leader

I am pro-choice because I believe that every person with a uterus should have full control over their own body, no matter what the circumstances are. Banning abortions will only lead to more unsafe abortions being performed and more people dying because of it. 

Ash H., Texas Leader

I have many friends who have needed an abortion for a variety of reasons. I would never want to be in a situation where I couldn't get an abortion if I needed one. I know our local education system is not up to par in regards to Biology, Anatomy, and Sexual Education. For this reason, I want to be an activist against SB8 and any further attempts at preventing a person from getting a legal, SAFE abortion. It is no one's business except the person with the uterus, and their doctor. 

Kristen H., Texas Leader

I was raised to believe that I have autonomy over my on body & to question authority. I was taught of the horrors of genocide & slavery and was taught the importance of standing up against the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Also, I had to use abortion care on an unhealthy pregnancy at 21 weeks in Texas.


Shaylie B., Utah Leader

I could write a book about why I am pro choice but mostly it comes from feeling that every single woman knows what is best for her and her life. No one should have a say on how another person’s body is used.


Jill L., Vermont Leader

This event means a lot to me because I have family and friends who've had abortions because regardless of how the pregnancy occurred,  they did what was best for them....   the living adult woman. 


Montana B., Virginia Leader

I am pro choice because I have had to experience fighting for my own autonomy within the healthcare system, so having options means a lot to me.

Danielle A., Virginia Leader

Growing up extremely religious and believing abortion was murder, it wasn't until I was able to deconstruct my faith that I realized the truth behind being pro choice. Not only does this give a menstruating person the choice over their own bodies, it also gives them a choice to protect the unborn who would be subjected to anguish if brought to term. No one has the right to interject their opinions over how a  menstruating person protects their body, their mind and that of their unborn except themselves and their doctor. 

Washington, DC

Emma C., DC Leader

Through the years I have always spoke up about why women need access to abortion. I will eventually have kids and I really do not want my future daughter to grow up in a world where she doesn’t have a right to choose what she does with her body.


Marissa C., Washington Leader

It's heartbreaking to me that woman are going to die because someone sitting behind a desk, who doesn't even know I exist, thinks they can make laws over someone else's body and life. It will never affect them. Yet if someone made laws about their reproductive choice they would protest to the moon. I had the option for a safe abortion and I'll forever be grateful for that, and I want every person with a uterus to have that same choice. 

Jacklyn G., Washington Leader

I've never known anything other than pro choice.  That's how I was raised. I personally experienced very poor mental health during my last pregnancy.  To the point I was terrified to shower for fear I would drown.  Pregnancy can be detrimental to a women's mental health and would never wish what I went through on anyone unwilling. 

West Virginia

Allie Z., West Virginia Leader 

I am and always have been pro choice! It is so important because women have been invalidated for so long and we must have a right to decide what happens with our bodies! I, myself have had an abortion and if I didn’t have access to that option I am not sure where I would be now. It is important for us as women to stand up for our rights!


Kerry M., Wisconsin

I am pro choice and always have been.  When I heard about Texas it broke my heart.  Banning abortions will only ban safe ones.  I would like to be able to tell my future nieces and nephews that I didn’t stay silent that i fought like hell to keep moving forward.






Melanie B., Alberta Leader

I am pro choice because every woman’s narrative is unique. Every person has a right to autonomy and every woman has a right to make her own choices.